Nicola Griffith Liked My Hild Art!

I posted one of my Hild fanart illustrations here, and I also sent it directly to the author of Hild, Nicola Griffith. Well, not only did she respond to me directly, but she posted both of them on her blog! I just want to say that it’s very cool to have the author of a book I enjoyed actually commenting on something I’ve drawn that’s based on their work. By the way, if I were an author, having fanart of my characters sent to me would be one very important factor in deciding if I were any good.

So Nicola got back to me based on my first Hild drawing, and she made some points specifically about how Hild’s seax looked, as well as what hand she’d be holding her staff in. These are things I’d never even thought of, but it actually makes a lot of sense! I kept that commentary in mind when I started the next illustration, which hasn’t been colored.

New Hild by Justine Lavoie

She’s older and stronger here. Might be near the end of the first book, or when she truly owned the ‘butcher-bird’ namesake (or maybe not. I feel like she could look even more dangerous if she wanted to – this is much more defensive to me) Definitely protective… could be when she comes upon Lintlaf and Gwladus on the ship, and threatens to hurt Lintlaf if he doesn’t let Gwladus go. The weird thing about drawing for me is that I don’t have a specific pose or scene in mind before I start, so I have to make sense of what I end up with.

Then Nicola said this at the end of her blog post: “I suspect there’ll be more and I can’t wait to see where this goes.” Hm. Sounds like a challenge to me. Maybe next time I’ll do a comic.

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