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Whoa, I have a blog

So yeah, hi. Sometimes I forget that I have a blog, and then I remember I have one and I go into WordPress and update all of my themes and stuff, and fix things that break, and then when I’m finished with that I say “Well, now that it’s updated I should probably post something.” So here we are.

A lot has happened in the past year (has it really been that long since my last post?). I’m officially a web developer now (and by that I mean now I get paid to do the nerdy shit I used to do at 9pm on Friday night for fun), and I’ve learned A TON about web hosting, system administrator, and programming.

I’m hoping that this year that I’ll be doing some very specific things with this site:

  1. Write more web design/development knowledge articles
  2. Start posting some new art and/or comics.
  3. Write more about feminism. The best response I’ve received so far on a blog I expected no one to read has been from the Mass Effect Sexism post.

I also promise to keep the site updated, and make sure weird things don’t happen, like when the footer was jumping up to right below the sidebar. Also, pleasantly surprised to find people actual visit this thing.

Please explain technophobia

I’d really like to avoid starting this artificial intelligence post with mentioning Watson. Oops, too late. You’ve probably heard about Watson, the IBM computer that plays Jeopardy. Hopefully you also know that Watson’s Jeopardy prowess isn’t really what’s important here. I get nervous when I think about those people who doesn’t appreciate or understand the importance of a computer learning to parse questions given in a natural language. So it worries when I see articles like this on NPR. This isn’t the first time NPR has released a negatively biased segment about artificial intelligence. I’m actually kind of disgusted, and I haven’t even read the comments yet.

Using the nation’s volatile fear and worry about our current employment situation as a way to stir up hostility toward scientific advancement just really bothers me. I think the use of the word “machine” is particularly interesting here. It’s very negative-sounding, but why? Our prestigious bank teller and airline check-in agent positions are the epitome of meaningful and need to be protected, right?. I think Iain Banks sums it up pretty nicely in this interview with CNN.

CNN: In the Culture’s post-scarcity society, where no one needs for anything, you’re removing a lot of the struggle around everyday life. Is that not removing the point of life itself?

Iain M. Banks: I think a lot of the struggle is kind of pointless and is in itself boring. The struggle for existence for most people most of the time, especially in a post-agricultural, industrial society, is a bit of a grind. People have to work very hard and awfully long hours for not a great deal of money: if you don’t, you get virtually nothing. Life’s not much fun, frankly, so I’d quite happily trade in that struggle.

Am I an adult?

After my Jeep died and I got a car that doesn’t sound like a wind tunnel on the highway, I started listening to the radio again. It didn’t take me long to become sick of all the music stations (you know, the ones that play the same song every hour), and in searching through the channels I came across something I’d forgotten about: public radio. This is now the only thing I listen to during my daily commute, and I’ve started streaming shows at home, too.

This (and a car that I’m not deathly afraid is going to give out on me at any moment) has made my driving experience much more satisfying. It’s also made me realize that I’m more interested in current events than I am about video games. Don’t get me wrong; I still like video games. I just thought I’d always consider myself a gamer, and that I’d always be playing something (even if only for an hour a day). I’m also not one of those people who thinks “it’s for the best,” because I’m not like that. I guess why I’m even bothering with posting about this (to the one or two people who even read me at all) is because I’m amused by it. I guess to most people (because I feel like most people are like this), it might seem strange that I’ve only recently started caring about this kind of stuff, but I’ve always been very indifferent and apathetic about this sort of thing.

Does this mean I’m a more mature person than I used to be? No, probably not. People who think that video games are only for kids don’t know much about video games. Still, I think something in me has changed. I’m not sure what, but I think I know why. It’s not because I listen to public radio. It’s because I want to learn about the world I live in. Public radio helps facilitate that. So does playing a video game.

Status update

I’ve been behind in my P2P course and for that I apologize. My internet connection has been really horrible lately and it’s just now getting back to the point of being usable. I’ll try to have something in by the end of next week.

March Update

I know I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy. I’ve gotten some motivation and news ideas for things, so I’ve been spending most of my time developing plans. I’m not sure exactly where I’m headed yet, but I have a feeling I might combine my rarely used personal website blog with this one, which means getting rid of the rest of this site completely. At first I thought I’d keep my “personal” life and my “professional” website separate, but I’ve decided that it’s easier for everyone if I have a single hub. I’m also trying to tweet more. I was lucky enough to grab my full name on twitter, so I might as well take advantage of it.

I was gifted an iPod touch, so I’ve been using it to read technology/science/design news in bed. It got me wanting to create a mobile-optimized alternative for my websites, so eventually I hope to get around to doing that (and re-encoding my video in a few different formats so everyone can see it). I think, in general (and this past month especially), I’ve really been motivated to get better at all of the skills I have. I might even try to take a course at

Oh, and I have a djembe now.