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Ready to duel

I’ve always liked Notepad++ for Windows text editing. I did try ConTEXT, but since I’m used to Notepad++, it’s not wonder that ConTEXT didn’t feel right. The other recommended program was E Text Editor, but it wasn’t free so that lost my interest. At work I use a Mac, and in that case I’m actually most comfortable using Dreamweaver’s text editor.

Notepad++ is a very powerful weapon indeed. I’m going to guess that it has a Dragon Heartstring core.

Handwritten code

I wrote this HTML code by hand (using my wacom tablet) from memory after the second try. I’d already had this memorized from a few months ago, but I’ve found that, similar to memorizing the countries of Eurasia, I’ll forget some of it if I don’t practice weekly. I don’t know if this is due largely to my sub-par memory or if I’ll just eventually “have it” and never forget it again. In either case, anything that I can do to improve my memory is a welcome addition to my weekly routine!

One thing I’ve been considering is why the task doesn’t require the html opening tag to have lang=”en”. It seems like it would be important, even for the most basic of HTML documents. In any case, here’s the image.

A Magnificent Blog Post

I’ve chosen to spend some of my free time doing the tasks at the School of Webcraft because, above everything else, I’m someone who loves to learn. I like teaching myself new things, but learning in small groups and with friends can be more rewarding and fun. I was delighted to find out about the idea of getting badges for completing tasks (who doesn’t like a badge?), and the mentoring aspect is interesting too. I’ve participated in one other p2p course, and have browsed some learning groups since. I hope that having a more structured form of self-directed learning with peers will help me stay focused in my goal of increasing my knowledge and skills in web design and development.

I’m also an artist! View past entries to see work.

Week Three – Reflection

I learned about classes and ids this week.. something that I had been confused about and never really bothered to understand or research before. It was nice because I actually got to use classes and ids a lot for a project I’m working on at work. The required reading was also interesting. I’ve heard bits and pieces about the history of the web but never have I read something that covered such a lengthy time frame. I guess my only thing is that I’m not a huge fan of using comments for anything other than defining what div is ending. I just don’t really like the idea of something that’s “hidden” in my code.

The images I made for this week probably could have been better. The breakfast image in particular has a lot of questionable class/id/markup usages that I didn’t realize until I’d taken a second look. I’m fairly happy with the beach image, though.

Another good week overall – can’t wait for the next assignment.

Marking Up The World Around You – Part 2