HTML5 video rambling

It’s called HTML5 video because you’re going to need five different encodes to make your website’s video 100% accessible to every single device and browser out there, right?

This Table from Wikipedia shows the different video formats and which browsers will have native support via on-board decoders. It’s plain to see that no one can agree on a single web standard. Who knows when that’ll happen (if ever).

Do we need a web standard video format? Well, yes. Eventually. I personally hope it’s Google’s WebM, just because I have a crush on Google. Until then, I’m not going to bother with HTML5 video. It needs a lot more work before it can stand up against Flash. Youtube says pretty much the same thing in this article.

I’ve heard that the current HTML5 video technology is where Flash technology used to be in 2003-2004, so it’ll be interesting to see how things progress in the next few years.

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