Whoa, I have a blog

So yeah, hi. Sometimes I forget that I have a blog, and then I remember I have one and I go into WordPress and update all of my themes and stuff, and fix things that break, and then when I’m finished with that I say “Well, now that it’s updated I should probably post something.” So here we are.

A lot has happened in the past year (has it really been that long since my last post?). I’m officially a web developer now (and by that I mean now I get paid to do the nerdy shit I used to do at 9pm on Friday night for fun), and I’ve learned A TON about web hosting, system administrator, and programming.

I’m hoping that this year that I’ll be doing some very specific things with this site:

  1. Write more web design/development knowledge articles
  2. Start posting some new art and/or comics.
  3. Write more about feminism. The best response I’ve received so far on a blog I expected no one to read has been from the Mass Effect Sexism post.

I also promise to keep the site updated, and make sure weird things don’t happen, like when the footer was jumping up to right below the sidebar. Also, pleasantly surprised to find people actual visit this thing.

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