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Resources and thoughts on creating your first website

Some people are surprised to hear that I didn’t have any formal training in web design. I always get asked about how I first started learning to create websites, so I thought sharing my personal journey might be helpful.

I honestly think a beginner should start with a pure HTML site to start out, with PHP being the end goal. My own experience with Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator allowed me to use Dreamweaver as both a building and a learning tool. Adobe programs are very similar in the way they function, so that was the most comfortable for me. I worked through a Lynda.com tutorial that was specifically designed with a first website in mind.

Of course, not everyone is going to invest in a professional program like Dreamweaver if they don’t know anything about web design. In that case, I would recommend following the tutorials on Mozilla’s web technology documentation. It’s really easy to follow and understand, and you can do it all in a text editor like notebook or textedit. My advice would be to start with the HTML and CSS tutorials. After you’re comfortable with that, you should read up on FTP servers and hosting, because that’s what you’ll be using to actually put your site on the web.

The next step for me after I had a finished, pure-HTML website on the web was to convert it to a WordPress site. WordPress uses PHP, which is more flexible and (in my opinion) more professional than just using HTML. I also came across a more functional text editor called Submlime Text 2 and I highly recommend it over notepad or textedit.

For someone who’s interested in getting into web design, the best advice I can give it to just jump right in and learn as you go.

Website design thoughts

I’ve got a few neat plugins on my sidebar that you might want to check out. Now Reading Reloaded actually being the very plugin that made me want to create a personal blog to begin with. Making lists of books I want to someday read is a hobby of mine. Actually getting around to reading them is another thing. You can check out my Library for a full list of the books I’ve read. iLast.fm is kinda the same thing as Now Reading, but with music. It’s integrated with my last.fm account. Cute.