A Magnificent Blog Post

I’ve chosen to spend some of my free time doing the tasks at the p2p.org School of Webcraft because, above everything else, I’m someone who loves to learn. I like teaching myself new things, but learning in small groups and with friends can be more rewarding and fun. I was delighted to find out about the idea of getting badges for completing tasks (who doesn’t like a badge?), and the mentoring aspect is interesting too. I’ve participated in one other p2p course, and have browsed some learning groups since. I hope that having a more structured form of self-directed learning with peers will help me stay focused in my goal of increasing my knowledge and skills in web design and development.

I’m also an artist! View past entries to see work.

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Justine – That’s a magnificent blog post.

    We’ve been experimenting with different styles and formats, but one of the difficulties with courses and groups was that they relied so heavily on a great facilitator. The idea of challenges was to create a “magnificent” string of tasks that anyone can work through – but surround the user with lots of other users working on the same tasks, so they can start sharing notes, and interacting with each others.

    We just launched the preview without really telling anyone about it – and are really interested in everyone’s feedback, so we can make the challenges, and the platform even better.

    Best – Philipp

  3. Artists make better designers, in my humble opinion. Enjoyed your work.

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