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RSS Feed IconI’ve recently become that person who likes to be kept up to date on things. This urge probably started when I began listening to NPR during my commute, and now it’s creeping over to topics other than geopolitical news. I’ve tried “keeping up” with certain people and sites that interested and inspired me, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when new content has been published. There’s also the problem of distraction (mostly a good thing). Still, if I only have a limited amount of time per day to engage in this particular type of aggressive knowledge acquisition, I’ll need to make sure I’m focusing on the topics I really want to be focused on.

RSS Feeds are my solution to staying focused and up to date in a variety of categories. I currently use Google Reader as my reader, but there are many different readers to choose from. One interesting thing about Google Reader is the ability to subscribe to “bundles” of feeds. There are literally hundreds of different categories to choose from, including (all of which I’m currently subscribed) Art, Feminism, Science, Technology, Web, UX, and pretty much anything you can think of (though I was surprised not to find any feed related to sexuality). You can also create your own bundles, which I did for a general ‘Design’ feed that you can subscribe to here. it has a mix of education and inspiration relevant to logo design, graphic design, illustration, and web design.

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