p2p “HTML & css from the beginning” Week One – Reflection

Week One went well for me. I think having to commit basic HTML structure to memory was a good idea. It’s something I never really bothered doing back when I started learning HTML a few years ago. It also got me thinking about tabs and spacing in my HTML document. I decided not to use an extra couple returns for <p> tags that I saw in the example. I’d rather keep my document to as few lines as possible.

I think another thing to note is that the example document is using elements of HTML5 that I was unfamiliar with (or perhaps “lacking elements I had seen in pages before” is a better way of putting it). For one, the doctype declaration is way shorter than I’m used to seeing. After trying to research why, I found this amazing resource – Dive into HTML5 – that explains HTML5 and some of the history behind how it came about. I’ll probably be using this resource throughout the course because it’s very well-written and explains things in a way that I like. As someone who works on websites (many of them being quite old) – I think it’s worth knowing how things used to be.

Searching the source code of a page is something I’ve been doing for a while, but I only recently started using Firebug, a Firefox addon that lets you “Inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time,” along with a lot of other neat things. Firefox has a lot of interesting web development tools that are worth playing around with.

All in all, I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to next week.

  1. Great to see that you’re forming a critical opinion of how you prefer your code to be formatted – this makes my day :mrgreen:

    Yes the HTML5 doctype is much nicer than the old ones. I wouldn’t have asked anyone to learn that off by memory :twisted: – I never did.

    What’s nice about html5 is that it’s still html and all of the modern browsers support the doctype. The majority of html remains unchanged and there are some new bits ( we may touch on them later on – I suspect you’ve already came across them ) :razz:

    Firebug is double plus awesome and I’m stoked you’re enjoying it.



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