Week Two – Reflection

I like having the material for the next week posted by Monday. Monday and Tuesday are great days for me to do the required tasks. Of course, it has been almost a whole week now since I did those tasks, and without them fresh in my memory I’m having trouble reflecting as well as I could. I enjoyed the tagging the world around me, even if it was an image I found online. If I could do it over I would have titled my top level tag as “Body”. I know we didn’t need to create an HTML page for this particular assignment, but it was a complex enough image that I had to write it out before I tagged it in Photoshop anyway, so it wasn’t much extra work on my part.

The HTML tag assignment didn’t take long. It seemed like both an ordered list and an unordered list were supposed to be used (based on the wording of the document itself). Another curious issue I had was in deciding whether or not to remove the forced line breaks in <p> sections. I ended up removing them, but it does make the document hard to read when you have to scroll over to the right. At work I avoid forced line breaks at all costs, so that’s what I went with. I can just wrap the text (in Firefox: View -> Wrap Long Lines) if I’m having trouble reading it.

I’d like to create a rough draft for a redesign of my personal website/s. I’m adding that s on at the end because I actually have two sites at the moment, a personal one and a professional portfolio. I don’t think I should be splitting myself up like that. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but it’s hard to get motivated when my current sites are looking and working so well. By the end of this class I’d like to have a beautifully written HTML and CSS document that I can create a WordPress template from.

P.s, I’m writing these blog posts using HTML (not the WYSIWYG editor that WordPress offers), and I found out that you need to use character entity references in order to make “<p>” appear. If you tried to just type <p> without using character entity references, the document would think you wanted to start another <p> tag so you’d get a big blank space. I keep forgetting about this because I don’t use them very often.

  1. Thanks for the feedback on the days that work best for you I’ll bear this in mind.

    Your Vitruvian man example is great and it shows just how much this is all sinking in, but you already know how this because of my comment on the page : )

    If by line breaks you mean <br> then I don’t use them because the persons browser size and font size is unknown to me. However, if you mean line breaks in the source code, I love them but it’s all down to your personal style.

    I think your goal for your project is a great one, and It’d be an idea to code the mockup before putting it into wordpress. It may have more joy for you unless you’re cool with php and the structure of wordpress.

    All in all you’re nailing this, so well done.

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