Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning

I think my friends and co-workers might be confused about my wanting to attend a course about learning HTML & CSS from the beginning. I currently work as a web designer, and I have a personal and professional portfolio website of my own. My problem is that I didn’t learn about HTML & CSS from the beginning. I went to school studying printmaking and illustration, but I didn’t create my portfolio website until after graduation. I jumped right into web design, copying pieces of html and CSS that I thought I could use, but never really stopping to think about it. Learning by a “trial-and-error” method has been frustrating at times. I’m at a point now where I want to think about the whys and hows of good coding and design. I think it’s very similar to figure drawing and illustration. Starting out with a reference or model to create good habits.. but eventually being able to cultivate a personal style after a lot of practice. I’d like to create a personal design style for my future websites, but I know that before I can truly do that I need to learn it from the beginning.

I’m a very motivated person, and I feel that continuously improving myself and my skills is a meaningful way to live. When I’m not learning about or doing web design, I’m practicing illustration and animation, listening to talks on RSA, riding my bike, playing my djembe, or reading a book. I’m interested in science, technology, video games, nature and music, but my true passion is my personal art, some of which can be found on my portfolio site if you’re interested.

  1. Hi, I created a forum for our group so we can all introduce ourselves in there, I think its easier than checking everyones blogs and leaving comments somewhere in the blog. Also I dont have an e-mail list, so you can e-mail me back camus.00@gmail.com and tell me what you think about the blog idea.

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