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Today I’m revisiting the ‘Markup the World Around You’ task that I did once in the HTML & CSS from the Beginning p2p course as part of a challenge in the Webmaking 101 learning track on

View the old task here

I’d also like to “mark up” a photograph I took a while ago at a Teavana.


This is basically a container div with two equal width left and right “sidebar” divs. Each sidebar div has 5 equal height “shelf” divs. Some of the shelf divs contain a “menu” – and all of the shelves contain an unordered list of teapots.

To go a step further, each teapot has a specific class that defines the size, shape, and color.

After thinking about it, I’d want to be able to easily change color without changing size/shape. This is because there seem to be a lot less size/shapes than there are colors. I could do this by assigning the teapot’s class as a size/shape, and then using a span to define color, but would this really be the best way? I try to avoid spans when possible.

I could also create a teapot article (class defined as size/shape) and then the paragraph inside that article could have a secondary class that could define color.

I think I would choose the latter because it seems more professional and easier for future editing.

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