Week Three – Reflection

I learned about classes and ids this week.. something that I had been confused about and never really bothered to understand or research before. It was nice because I actually got to use classes and ids a lot for a project I’m working on at work. The required reading was also interesting. I’ve heard bits and pieces about the history of the web but never have I read something that covered such a lengthy time frame. I guess my only thing is that I’m not a huge fan of using comments for anything other than defining what div is ending. I just don’t really like the idea of something that’s “hidden” in my code.

The images I made for this week probably could have been better. The breakfast image in particular has a lot of questionable class/id/markup usages that I didn’t realize until I’d taken a second look. I’m fairly happy with the beach image, though.

Another good week overall – can’t wait for the next assignment.

  1. What I like about this is that you’re looking critically at your work. You’ve taken the time to think about the breakfast piece and consider it’s structure.

    I think you’re right, there is some markup that doesn’t need to be in there. I also think that the beach piece is the most adventurous. This is why learning by doing is so powerful because you’re always progressing.

    This will cause you to look at earlier work and dismiss it as lower quality or inferior, but don’t focus on that because it’ll cause you to not do anything unless it’s perfect. Because nothing can ever be perfect, you’ll output very little. It’s a vicious path based on fear – I know this from personal experience.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing which is outputting, reflecting and focusing on the progression.

    Great stuff.

  2. Hi Justine–It appears we are both in the “new” group 3 for the HTML/CSS course. It’s great that you got to use some of what you learned for work. I have found my curiosity stimulated by the course and have been learning all sorts of new stuff (I suspect my dabbling in CSS is maybe giving me some bad habits but hopefully those will get cured in the next few weeks! Hope you will stop by my blog: http://terrytek.wordpress.com/


  3. Hi Justine. I’m in your new group. Your site looks great. :razz: I particularly like your beach markup project. I look forward to seeing your week 4 posts. I’m just starting them today. – Carmella

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